Compositions and Arrangements 

Don Bowyer (b. 1958) has published more than 100 pieces of music with Walrus Music Publishing, eJazzLines, Cimarron Music Press, Ensemble Publications, and Sheet Music Plus. His two largest unpublished compositions are a Wedding Mass composed for his own wedding, and a Forty-Year Requiem, composed for the 40th anniversary of the passing of his mother.

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Orchestral Music

Lockdown Themes

Dislocation/Relocation Soundtrack

Silly Rhymes

…But It Sure Is Short

Minute Dances

Concerto for Bass Trombone (or Bass Clarinet)

Concerto for Bass Clarinet (or Bass Trombone)

Frozen Toes ‘n Nose ‘n Freezin’ Knees

Miss You Madly


Don Bowyer
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