Wedding Mass

  • Jazz Ensemble, Choir
  • Completed: 2001; Premiered: 29 December 2001
  • Unpublished – Contact the Composer

I composed this 35-minute Wedding Mass for my wedding to Donna Lamb Bowyer. I wanted it to be longer, but she insisted. She was correct.

The composition is for a small jazz band (three saxes, three trumpets, and two trombones) plus rhythm section and two-part chorus.

In between his other duties, the groom not only composed the music but also led the band and played trombone. My father, the Rev. John F. Bowye, served as the Officiant for the wedding.  

Movement 1 – Processional

Movement 2 – Introit

Movement 3 – Kyrie

Movement 4 – Gloria

Movement 5 – Declaration

Movement 6 – Credo

Movement 7 – Cantus

Movement 8 – Sanctus

Movement 9 – Vows

Movement 10 – Benedictus

Movement 11 – Recessional


Don Bowyer
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