Rooftop Trombone in the Age of Covid-19, v3.0

13 January 2021 - Ongoing

When the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region of Malaysia began its second Movement Control Order (third overall lockdown) on 13 January 2021, Don Bowyer committed to a third season streaming live music and bad jokes at 7pm everyday for at least two weeks. Previously, he had done the same for 106 consecutive days between 18 March and 01 July 2020 and 70 consecutive days between 14 October and 22 December 2020.

For the first 14 days of this third series, Bowyer composed a short Lockdown Miniature for solo trombone each day, then performed it that evening. As the lockdown was extended, he continued to perform each evening, but closed the nightly series of new compositions with Lockdown Miniature #14.

Dean of the School of Arts at Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bowyer is an American who has been in Malaysia since December 2016.

Week 6

Begins 03 March 2021


Don Bowyer
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