Lockdown Trombones

  • Trombone Quartet
  • Completed: 02 June 2022; Premiered: 04 June 2022
  • Sheet Music Plus

During Malaysia's third Covid-19 Lockdown, in January 2021, I composed a short piece for solo trombone each day for 14 days, performing them each evening in an online stream from my apartment balcony. Almost a year later, I fleshed out the themes from Lockdown Miniatures #1 and #4 to create Lockdown Themes for symphony orchestra. This piece is a re-orchestration of the latter for trombone quartet.

The first two themes, from Lockdown Miniature #1, reflect the angst and uncertainty of beginning yet another lockdown — with all businesses once again closed, police roadblocks preventing movement beyond the neighborhood, and all human contact reduced to a small screen.

The third theme, from Lockdown Miniature #4, is meant to express the raw emotion associated with losing loved ones over the previous ten months.

First trombone range: up to C5.
Bass trombone range: down to G1 (pedal G).

Don Bowyer · Lockdown Trombones


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