Frozen Toes ‘n Nose ‘n Freezin’ Knees

  • Soprano, Trombone, Piano
  • Completed: 2002; Premiered: 19 April 2002
  • Sheet Music Plus

This is an aria from an opera-in-progress titled Orpheus and Donna. There is also a version for soprano, trombone, and chamber orchestra (four woodwinds and strings).

In this modern version of the Orpheus story, Orpheus is a jazz trombone player and his beloved Donna (Eurydice) is a singer. The two of them have a nightclub act.

This scene takes place early in the opera, in a nightclub during a nightly performance. The duo has learned that a famous record company executive (Hades) is in the audience this evening. Donna sings this piece directly to the executive, dancing around his table, sitting in his lap, and generally flirting as much as possible in hopes of landing a record deal.

Following this scene, the executive offers Donna a contract, on the condition that she “lose the horn player.” The rest of the opera deals with the trials Orpheus must endure in order to win back his beloved.

This recording is by the chamber group Trio SaKaZie.

Don Bowyer · Frozen Toes 'n Noes 'n Freezin' Knees


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