Five Preludes

  • Solo Piano
  • Completed: 12 December 2007; Premiered: 01 February 2008
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Five Preludes is a set of short pieces for solo piano, exploring various sounds and ideas. Each prelude is one to two minutes in length.

Prelude 1: Play-lude

The main idea of this prelude uses parallel fourths in the left hand with short, dissonant statements in the right hand. The contrasting second idea has a tonal bass line progression below a chromatic figure. The 3/8 time signature gives the piece a quasi-swing feel.

Prelude 2: Pray-lude

This prelude alternates between F major and Gb major, with slow reflective melodic statements over sustained roots. The statements gradually become shorter and shorter until the recapitulation.

Prelude 3: Pre-lewd

This whimsical prelude uses a five-note synthetic scale throughout (1, m3, P4, m6, M7), but the scale modulates in a pattern that suggests a standard 16-measure blues progression. There is a repeating figure in the bass using the same modulating scale.

Prelude 4: Prelude Solitude

This slow prelude in 7/4 time has an ostinato bass line that never varies. The six notes of the bass line (Eb, E, F, Ab, A, Bb) form a synthetic scale from which the entire piece is derived.

Prelude 5: Pre-ludicrous

This prelude uses the same six-note synthetic scale throughout (C, Eb, E, G, Ab, B). Harmonic motion is established through a repeated bass line, with chords built from every other note of the scale.

Recorded at University of Alabama in Huntsville on October 17, 2008

  • In-Sook Park, piano

Movement I: Play-lude

Movement II: Pray-lude

Movement III: Pre-lewd

Movement IV: Prelude Solitude

Movement V: Pre-ludicrous


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