Ellos Huesos

  • Trombone Ensemble (six trombones + optional drums)
  • Completed: 07 June 2022; Premiered: 15 July 2022
  • Sheet Music Plus

This piece was composed for Dr. Alexandra Zacharella and the Bordertown Bones, a community trombone ensemble in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The three-minute Latin piece is written for six trombones with optional drum set. The tune itself is in a 40-bar AABA song form (with an extended bridge), followed by a 24-bar chorus in the relative minor. The title is meant to be a multilingual nod to the spiritual "Dem Bones."

First trombone range: up to B♭4.
Bass trombone 2 range: down to B♭1 (pedal B♭).


Don Bowyer
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