Classical Wind Ensemble Compositions & Arrangements

Don Bowyer (b. 1958) has published more than 60 pieces of music with Walrus Music Publishing, Cimarron Music Press, and TAP Music Sales. His two largest unpublished compositions are a Wedding Mass composed for his own wedding, and a Forty-Year Requiem, composed for the 40th anniversary of the passing of his mother.

The Moving Finger

Soprano with Chamber Winds (4 ww, 4 br, 1 perc)
Completed: 4/28/2008; Premiered: 5/4/2008
Unpublished – Contact the composer

The Moving Finger

Soprano with Wind Ensemble
Completed: 4/2/2008; Premiered: 4/11/2008
Unpublished – Contact the composer

Four Winds

Wind Ensemble
Completed: 2/19/2008; Premiered: 3/28/2008
Unpublished – Contact the composer

Ironic Behavior

Trombone Solo, Concert Band
Completed: 2003; Premiered: 12/9/2003
Walrus Music Publishing