One-Man Sideshow

  • Solo Bass Trombone and Hi-Hat (one player)
  • Completed: 02 September 2022; Premiered: TBA
  • Sheet Music Plus

At the request of a friend, this composition began in 2008 as a concept for solo bassoon. Sadly, he passed away before performing the piece.

When I was asked recently for a solo piece for bass trombone, I finally had a reason to update the original. Besides adapting it for the instrument, I also added new material. The result is these four short movements for bass trombone with hi-hat, both played by one player. The hi-hat is played mostly with the pedal, but occasionally with the fingers.

The first movement combines chromatic patterns, diminished scales, and blues licks. The hi-hat adds kicks and color.

The second movement is a blues progression that swings, with backbeats on the hi-hat.

The third movement attempts to obscure tonality through the use of chromaticism. It should be played very freely (rubato), with the hi-hat again adding color.

Only one minute in length, the final movement treats a four-measure melody as a theme and variations reminiscent of Arthur Pryor solos of the early 20th century.

A MIDI recording is below. It will be replaced soon by an actual recording of the piece.

Don Bowyer · One-Man Sideshow (MIDI Recording)


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